Competent Person Fall Protection (24 hr)

Course ID: CO-207

This 24 hour training course is designed for Project Management, Supervisors, Foremen, or anyone involved in work at height.

This class meets the requirement of Competent Person Training as defined by the US Army Corps of Engineers, EM385 standard but, only employers will designate who is considered Competent.

Day 1

Statistics and review of the standards Responsibilities Hierarchy of Fall Protection

Fall Restraint

Work Positioning

Guardrail installation and inspection

Hole Protection and Covers

Safety Net installation and inspection

Personal Fall Arrest Systems

Day 2

Personal Fall Arrest Systems (Continued)

Horizontal lifeline design, installation, & inspection

Warning Line Systems

System and Equipment selection and inspection

Post fall recovery, self/assisted rescue, and rescue plans

Calculating Fall Distance and Clearance

Scaffold and Aerial Lift basic fall requirements

Review of EM 385 Section 21 Fall Protection

Written Examination

Day 3

In the field hands on training to include:

Installation and inspection of Guardrail systems

Installation and inspection of anchor points

Installation and inspection of vertical and horizontal lifelines

Fall Rescue training