How do I view an employee's training record?

1. Simply scan the QR code on the employee’s training badge using any free QR code scanner app on your mobile device. This will immediately redirect youto the employee’s record.

2. Use the Employee search form on the site home page (or by clicking the “Employees” link at the top of any page) to search by employee name or ID. Notethat employee IDs consist of a company code (MSC- or SESAC-), followed by a number. Select the appropriate company and then enter only the numericpart of the ID into the second field.

Once you submit a search, a list of matching records will be displayed in condensed format. You can expand each record by clicking the employee’s name.From there, you can access the employee training record detail page by clicking his or her “View Profile” button.

How can I print or email an employee's training record?

If you’ve accessed an employee’s training record by scanning a QR code or by searching on the site, you can easily print the page using your browser’s Print function (CTRL+P on PCs or Command + P on Mac). You can also copy/paste the web address to share it however you like.

If you use the site’s Employees search function, you can use the checkboxes on the left side of all resulting records to select one or more employees. Once you’ve made your selection(s), you can use the orange Print and PDF icons on the top-right to print (or save to PDF) in bulk. Of course, you can then share your PDF by email or however you prefer.

How can I print or save all employee training records for my company?

Use the search form on the home page (or by clicking “Employees” at the top of any page) and leave all fields at their defaults except for the “All Employers” field. For that one, choose the employer you want to print/save. All resulting records will be for that employer.

Again, at this point, you can use the orange icons in the top right corner to print the records or save them as a PDF (that you can then share with others).