Train the Trainer Forklift

Course ID: CO-238

This 4 hour course is designed to meet the CDOT requirements for Flaggers.”630.2.6 Flagger Certification. All flaggers on CDOT projects must possess a Flagger’s Certification Card in accordance with subsection 630.14 of the Standard Specifications. Subsection 630.14 requires that all flaggers on CDOT projects be properly certified, having successfully passed the Department’s minimum training requirements within two years of starting work on the project. The Department’s minimum training requirements are defined in CDOT Procedural Directive 306.1 – Flagger Training and Certification Program. Note that CDOT does not certify non-CDOT employees for flagging duties. The certification requirements include reviewing the latest edition of the CDOT Flagger’s Training Manual, viewing a flagger training video, and obtaining a passing score of at least 80 percent on a Flagger Proficiency Test, which must be administered by a Registered Flagger Proctoring Agency.”