NCCCO Articulating Boom Cranes

Course ID: CR-402

MSC Safety Solutions and it’s partner Colorado Crane Operator School is now offering complete safety training and NCCCO certification testing on Articulating Boom Cranes. These classes consist of a one day prep workshop and a second day of testing to include written exams and practical testing on the machine.

This training and testing can be conducted at our facility or yours and like all of our other training courses, it is available Nationwide. Give us a call for more information and pricing.

Articulating cranes and loaders represent a large and growing proportion of cranes in use today, but until now operators had no independent means to demonstrate that they know how to operate these specialized cranes safely and effectively. Covering both articulating boom cranes and articulating boom loaders, this new program directly addresses a need identified by industry, and its launch has been eagerly awaited since development work began just over a year ago.

In addition to passing either or both practical tests, candidates must also pass at least one of three written examinations—for articulating boom cranes, articulating boom cranes with winch, and/or articulating boom loaders (also known as “material handlers” or “wallboard cranes”). The written examinations, which may be taken before or after the practical test, are also now available for administration at approved NCCCO written exam test sites.

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